Copyright is a thorny issue, but it is important to know the rules to avoid penalty. Here are a few points to bear in mind when copying for your classes:

- Copying is restricted to 5% of a book per course of study

- Workbooks must not be copied
(they are excluded from the CLA/ICLA licence)

- Copying of whole books is illegal

For further information on copyright issues, or to obtain a licence for your organisation, see the CLA website or ICLA if you are in Ireland.

If you are copying from newspapers then you require a separate licence which can be obtained from the Newspaper Licensing Agency.

The NLA is currently offering teachers free access to millions of newspaper articles for use in class. Schools can sign up for a free trial to its new online newspaper databse, the News Library. The trial period lasts up to the end of 2009. In return, schools will be asked a few questions, which will help the NLA refine the service, and tailor it further to suit teachers’ needs. The News Library will allow teachers to download more than 100 UK national and regional titles (covering 2006 onwards), providing them with a wealth of cross-curricular resources for use in lessons and project work.

In a separate service, the NLA is offering a free paper-copying licence for any school in the UK with pupils up to the age of 16, to permit them to copy articles for use in lessons.

For more information, and to sign up for both the News Library and the copying licence, visit:


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was encouraged to hear Professor Stefan Collini talk of the importance of ‘bilingualism’ with reference to science and arts on Radio 4’s recent talk – which took place on May 5th 2009 – about C.P Snow and the influence of his The Two Cultures (first published in 1959) in today’s society. Further information about both C.P Snow’s own views and the BBC radio show can be found in SLL, here.

has always maintained the principle that pupils should be taught not only to be bilingual, but ‘biliterate’, able to communicate across different media as well as in more than one language. The gap between the arts and science is still present in today’s society but blen believes that with focus on a broadly based approach to education children can be more literate in both areas from an early age, thus reducing the distance between the two subjects.blen is planning a forum for a discussion on these issues in the forth-coming autumn term. Further information to come soon.

Innovative and exciting products make teaching French throughout the Primary School fun and easy!

As Time Goes By
A tactile and lively weather chart with Velcro labels for temperature, seasons, climate, months, days, years and more! It is sure to capture children's imaginations and encourage them to practise speaking. The design makes it easy to store and when hung, will liven up any classroom.
Measures 75 X 95cm
£34.99 + VAT

My Week

Brightly coloured, durable wall hanging chart, that uses pictures to discuss and plan the week. Children find it fun to use and invaluable for learning the days of the week. Contains a variety of felt pjictures with Velcro backing. These relate to activities that young children may do or have done during the week. Fantastic for introducing French to young children as well as developing their vocabulary, organisation and planning skills.
Measures 45 X 60cm
£34.99 + VAT(limited stock)

French Mat 1

A brand new A3 size colourful and attractive double sided encasulated mat with quirky illustrations. The mat covers all the basic vocabulary needed to start teaching French including days, weather, colours, numbers, birthdays, family, body, school subjects, food and much much more!
Measures 29 X 42cm(A3 size)
Single Mat £2.25 + VAT
Pack of 10 £17.00 + VAT

French Mat 2

A second brand new double-sided encapsulated mat with fun illustrations. French Mat 2 complements Mat 1 and builds on the vocabulary learnt. Topics include greetings and personal information, in the classroom, in the home, at the shops, verbs, on holiday and more!
Measures 29 X 42cm(A3 size)
Single Mat £2.25 + VAT
Pack of 10 £17.00 + VAT

Jouez En Francais

A series of activity sheets to help teach and reinforce basic French vocabulary. This enjoyable photocopiable resource covers numbers, colours, animals, fruit and vegetables. The activities include wordsearches, tracking exercises and crosswords. This resource is suitable for Primary use or for older pupils with special needs.
Measures 21 X 29 cm (A4 size)
£12.95 each

Jeux Francais

A book of photocopiable games to teach basic French vocabulary in a fun way. The games provided are Pairs, Bingo and Dominoes. The games support the themes covered in Jouez en Francais (numbers, colours, animals, fruit and vegetables) and are suitable for Primary use or for older pupils with special needs.
Measures 21 X 29 cm (A4 size)
£12.95 each

Jouez Encore En Francais

This new photocopiable resource builds on the skills your Primary or special needs pupils learnt in Jouez en Francais and covers days, months, seasons, weather and Christmas. Measures 21 X 29 cm (A4 size)
£12.95 each

Encore de jeux Francais

This new series of photocopiable games uses Pairs, Bingo and Dominoes to teach basic French vocabulary and covers the themes days, months, seasons, weather and Christmas.An extension of Jeux Francais, these games are suitable for primary use or for older pupils with special needs.
Measures 21 X 29 cm (A4 size)
£12.95 each

Send your orders to:

AMS Educational, 38 Parkside Road, Leeds LS6 4NB
Tel: 0113 275 9900       Fax: 0113 275 7799
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A good way to get children to practise languages - fun and challenging. Encourages confidence and pronounciation practising! This website has 2712 entries in 107 languages! The address is at the bottom.

Chinese (Cantonese):





Chinese (Mandarin):





"Tata, czy tata czyta cytaty Tacyta?"

"Ten rewolwer jest wyrewolwerowany"

"Z rozentuzjazmowanego tlumu wyindywidualizowal sie niezidentyfikowany prestidigitator, który wyimaginowal sobie samounicestwienie"



"Pardal Pardo porque palras? Palro e palrarei, porque sou o pardal pardo, palrador de el-rei!"

"Compadre compre pouca capa parda porque quem pouca capa parda compra pouca capa parda gasta. Eu pouca capa parda comprei e pouca capa parda gastei"

"É crocogrilo? É crocodrilo?
É cocrodilo? É cocodilho?
É corcodilho? É crocrodilo?
É crocodilho? É corcrodilo?
É cocordilo? É jacaré?
Será que ninguém acerta
O nome do crocodilo maré? "



"Kaeru pyoko-pyoko, mi pyoko-pyoko, awasete pyoko-pyoko mu pyoko-pyoko"

"Kono Take o Kono Takegaki ni Tatekaketa no wa,
Take o Tatekaketakattakara Tatekaketa no desu"

"Torawo torunara torawo toru yori toriwo tore, toriwa otorini torawo tore"



"Dal kalkar kartal sarkar kartal sarkar dal kalkar"

"Su karsida bir karga var. Ne anam kuru kaba kara gagagi var"

"Kürkü yirtik erkek kel kör kirpinin yirtik kürkünü kürkü yirtik disi kel kör kirpinin yirtik kürküne, kürkü yirtik disi kel kör kirpinin yirtik kürkünü de kürkü yirtik erkek kel kör kirpinin yirtik kürküne eklemisler."

We have other exaples of languages on our pml section and some english ones in our esl/al section.

Source: 1st International Tongue Twister (above website)

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