Copyright is a thorny issue, but it is important to know the rules to avoid penalty. Here are a few points to bear in mind when copying for your classes:

- Copying is restricted to 5% of a book per course of study

- Workbooks must not be copied
(they are excluded from the CLA/ICLA licence)

- Copying of whole books is illegal

For further information on copyright issues, or to obtain a licence for your organisation, see the CLA website or ICLA if you are in Ireland.

If you are copying from newspapers then you require a separate licence which can be obtained from the Newspaper Licensing Agency.

The NLA is currently offering teachers free access to millions of newspaper articles for use in class. Schools can sign up for a free trial to its new online newspaper databse, the News Library. The trial period lasts up to the end of 2009. In return, schools will be asked a few questions, which will help the NLA refine the service, and tailor it further to suit teachers’ needs. The News Library will allow teachers to download more than 100 UK national and regional titles (covering 2006 onwards), providing them with a wealth of cross-curricular resources for use in lessons and project work.

In a separate service, the NLA is offering a free paper-copying licence for any school in the UK with pupils up to the age of 16, to permit them to copy articles for use in lessons.

For more information, and to sign up for both the News Library and the copying licence, visit:

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