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This is a great book for adults and children to share together. And if older children want to try some of the experiments on their own, don't worry about the 'irresponsible' of the title – there's very little real danger contained in these pages. The 120 experiments are easily carried out in your kitchen (or messier ones in the garden!). Bits and bobs needed can usually be found around the house. Some of the experiments you may have seen before, and some have the power to astonish the most jaded mum or dad.


And, of course, as well as the fun and delight we all had with our Magic Circle,  we all learned about water tension.

This book would make an excellent gift for any child starting to show an enthusiasm for science, or, indeed, for whizzes, bangs, pops and 'magic'.

The book is available in bookshops and online here.