Riveting Reads For Reluctant Readers
Also suitable for pupils with limited English fluency to facilitate and accelerate their language development.

High Interest Short Stories and Plays

Captivating books to turnaround your reluctant readers-

Turnaround is produced in the belief that if we can provide you with well-written, accessible books your pupils will want to read, then together we can break that cycle of reading failure.

Turnaround offers you:

  • top quality fiction by well-known authors
  • motivating books in a range of different genres (including plays)
  • approximate reading levels of 7-9 years to meet your pupils' range of reading requirements
  • sets of copymasters (4 worksheets per book) with reading and writing extension activities, including comprehension.


The Budgie said Grrrr!
Nonsense stories by Martin Waddell……two zany stories at a very easy level

Adventure story by Wes Magee…..a classic tale of loss and rescue

Paper Tigers
Contemporary short novel by Nick Warburton….teenage rivalry on a paper round

Star Trash
Sci-fi play by David Walke…..galactic bin-men feature in this humorous play

Day Trip
Humorous story by David Walke…..a humorous story of teachers on a school trip

Contemporary short novel by Pratima Mitchell……two teenagers are affected by the past and a strange legacy

Story in the form of letters by Michaela Morgan……writing to his penpal helps Jonno with his family problem

Yellow Card, Red Card
Football story by Michael Hardcastle……a young footballer has to learn self-control

Alice and the Boy King
Book 1 of a fantasy trilogy by Stan Cullimore…..the Dark Duke plots to seize the throne

The Return of the Boy King
Book 2 of a fantasy trilogy by Stan Cullimore…..the battle for the crown continues

The Haunting of Aisle No.9
Humorous ghost story by Laurence Staig….mayhem in the supermarket with a fashion-conscious poltergeist

The Tick Tock Man
Mystery short novel by Laurence Staig…time runs amok in this mystery fantasy

Turnaround 1 Pricing:
Set of 12 books plus copymasters £65.00
Set of 12 books 45.00

Readers £3.99 each
Set of 6 of one title £22.00


The Missing Eye
Stan Cullimore…Based very loosely on the story of Ulysses and the Cyclops, Darren and Bill outwit the one-eyed giant

Spider Boy
Stan Cullimore……Sam is being bullied by Big Billy, but will things change for Sam when he is given a blue-kneed Dream Spider from Tibet to look after?

The Ghost of the Grange
Narrative poem by Wes Magee…Two boys have to prove their courage in a haunted house

Watcher in the Wood
Ghost story by Nick Warbuton ….Two youngsters, threatened by poachers, are saved by a white stag

Jokes, Jingles and Other Nonsense
Sue Palmer……A collection to make you grin or groan!

The Crystal
Stan Cullimore…..The search is on to find The Crystal: the special child destined to become the prime minister of all the wizards

The Umpire Strikes Back
David Walke….Birk is back and Dark Vaper meets Weeli-Bin Kanopi in the sequel t Star Trash

Long live the Boy King
Book 3 of a fantasy trilogy by Stan Cullimer…The final encounter with Ravensword brings a surprise

Love-All and Strawberry Yoghurt
Sports adventure by Pratima Mitchell….An attempt to stop a top tennis player winning the tournament

Finding the Net
Football story by Michael Hardcastle…..Has Greg ruined his team’s chances of winning the cup?

The Polkadot Washing Machine
Humorous contemporary story by Laurence Staig..…A strange washing machine leads to a new friendship

Mists of Time
Historical story by David Walke…The moving story of an evacuee and a dead boy’s search for his father

Turnaround 2 Pricing:
Set of 12 books plus copymasters £65.00
Set of 12 books £45.00

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