Magazines for young learners

We would like to draw your attention to the use of primary modern languages magazines for KS 2 pupils which can be highly motivating. The ELI Language Magazines have been around for some time and we have also displayed them at our annual conferences. For a free review copy and more details follow the link above.

‘Big Books’
 Despite the prevalence of whiteboards, projectors, iPads and other new technology, ‘Big Books’ are still part of the best primary practice in  facilitating and promoting oracy and literacy in language learning, as well as shared learning and social skills. Some years ago we had a workshop on the use of Big Books in one of our conferences. It went down very well but we were bemoaning the lack of big books in modern languages. There is now a better range of Big Books in French, some of which we have selected below:

Cache cache à l'école

La maison des bisous

Le Rêve de Mimi

Petits contes du tapis (collection of 14 Big Books)              


Raconte et Chante


We also highly recommend this article published in 2006 in the Foreign Language Annals, entitled: 'Using Big Books: A Standards-Based Instructional Approach for Foreign Language Teacher Candidates in a PreK–12 Program'. Authors Colville-Hall and O’Connor present some interesting ideas aimed for educators, of both primary and secondary-aged learners, using Big Books in MFL teaching.

Why not read these too?