The chief OfSTED inspector has announced that both Languages and Science are being marginalised in the primary curriculum. Sir Michael Wilshaw said that Science and Languages have become the "poor relations" of the curriculum. Not enough time is being spent teaching Languages and Science, instead they are being pusghed aside by the teaching of Mathematics and English which is dominating the curriculum.

These were comments made in Sir Wilshaw's May commentary, and are express feelings which are resounded by primary teachers accross the country. It has been shown that these subjects, when taught in conjunction with Mathematics and English, can raise the standards of literacy and numeracy within schools - due to the broader perspective that they provide.

It has been further shown that over two thirds of schools are spending less than one hour per week teaching a modern foreign language. Because these lessons are sporadic (some times used to fill gaps in the time table), it is very tricky to learn content and can lead to pupilss feeling as though they're not progressing.

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