Software demonstrated at the workshop (5th Feb.2000)

10 out of 10, REM
good for boys, love zapping

All-in-one, Language Fun (Syracuse Language Systems), Potential Software or REM
27 games at different levels, easy to use but more vocabulary than phrases

Ça y est, Opus UZ 440 UBR, Multimedia Windows, Hodder & Stoughton C’est à toi, (Chancerel) ISBN 0-8219-1541-x Dix Jeux Français, AVP
too much writing
Friendly French , Lively Learning Ltd. REM

Goldilocks and the Three Bears , Syracuse Language Systems

Introducing French , Anglia Multimedia, ISBN 1840500212

Learn while Playing French, Multimedia Language, System Plus (Syracuse Language Systems)
big menu, listening and aural comprehension not so user friendly

Lets Learn , Verulam Publishers

Learn French, ISBN 1-85993-211-8, Potential Software or REM
easy to use, children speak; facts as well as language; very big menu; words as well as phrases; however English transcription and too much writing?

Q Steps for Children (5-10 years), Multimedia Windows, Opus UZ 440 UBR, REM
too busy, too much activity & sound

Triple Play Plus , French, Living Language Multimedia, ISBN 0-517-70143-x

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