Latin resources

During an interview with Education World, Dr. Thomas J. Sienkewicz (Minnie Billings Capron Professor of Classics at Monmouth College) that took place half a decade ago, Sienkewicz hilighted three key reasons to be interested in Latin learning at the primary level:

(1) the emphasis in Latin pedagogy on the structure of Latin and grammatical features enhances student consciousness of how other langauges work,

(2) considering the strong influence Latin has had on English vocabulary, when a student learns Latin, s/he finds it facile to readily distinguish meanings of english words, and

(3) the literature it produced (the speaches of Cicero, the love poetry of Catullus, the epic verse of Virgil, etc) is an excellent vehicle through which to capture and cultivate the interest of pupils in the language

(Education World, 2001).


An appealing Primary Latin resource called Minimus has been developed by Barbara Bell, the head of Classics at Clifton High School in Bristol, initiator of the Primary Latin Project (PLP), and winner of the Classical Association's first annual prize for "the individual who has done the most to promote the study of language, literature, and civilisation of Ancient Greece and Rome". It consists of two instructive, cartoon-formula books aimed at 7 to 14-year-olds which include interspersed grammar points, stories from Classical mythology, and clues to everyday English vocabulary.

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