Take a look at this exciting site - a valuable resource for teachers and pupils alike for improving science literacy!

The site is at http://www.madsci.org/

Here is some information about the Mad Scientist Network and its history (drawn from the site):

"The MadSci Network made its debut in September of 1995 as part of Washington University's Young Scientist Program, a student-run organization dedicating to improving science literacy among K-12 students in St. Louis. Since that time, the site has evolved into an interactive science teaching and community outreach tool, staffed and maintained by volunteer scientists and engineers from around the world. The MadSci Network fields questions in 26 different subjects, covering topics in astronomy, the biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, engineering, and physics. In 1999 alone, more than 900 scientists volunteered their time to answer more than 25,000 questions from K-12 students and the general public."

from www.madsci.org/info

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